The journey to the self

The journey to the self is a winding and relentless path. We must voyage it even when the curve ahead refuses to show what's to come, what reason there might be to carry on. Trust is the only answer, the only force that will make the journey possible. 

What's in a name?

I've recently been diagnosed with many lengthy names for what I'm experiencing ranging from depression to 'attenuated psychosis syndrome.' Through this process of doctors scrutinizing over everything I say and do, and giving names for all my little quirks and neurosis, I've really seemed to lose myself. Where am I within all this medical jargon? What remains of myself that isn't a part of an illness?

I then realized that though having a name to call that which has distressed me so may weaken the demons, it doesn't help me beyond how much it helps the professionals. By this I mean, those helping me need names to know how to treat me, but I still have experienced all the things I explained to them. For me, nothing has changed in that way. This new framing of what's in the name helps me fade away the chaos to find myself within it all.